Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As we know it... (Part II!)

Now, the thrilling conclusion to the...

"Shit's about to get real" List!

We've already covered the two most likely culprits, Plague and Nuclear War, now it's on to the last two...suckafish!

3. Doomsday Meteor
Odds.......1000 to 1
It's happened a few times before. The Gulf of Mexico? It's hiding the crater from the meteor strike that killed off the dinosaurs. Ever heard of the Tunguska Event? Can you imagine the effect of something like that happening to Paris, London, New York, Chicago, or Beijing? Bad news bears, and that was a small meteor strike. There are a number of vacillating estimates of the number of NEO's, or Near-Earth Objects, but most are around 5000, 700 of these considered "large." That's a lot of hunks of space crap floating around, waiting to cause trouble. (Thanks, NASA, for the info!)

4. Alien Invasion
Odds.......1,000,000 to 1.
Odds Hollywood would have you believe.......5 to 2
Don't get me wrong, it's probably the most awesome of all the Doomsday Scenarios. It is, however, also HIGHLY unlikely. The SETI program has been scanning the night sky for some time now, and they've found bupkis. Sorry to burst your bubble, suckas!

Up next, Global Warming Special!