Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Microwave...Day 3

Well, I was right. I'm eating cold food. It isn't so bad, though, as you'll see.

(P.S. Update...If you're looking forward to hyperlinks on my posts, they're coming. I'm doing these from work, and I can't upload pictures here as easily. Come back when I do "No Microwave...Day 5" on Friday and Day 1 and 3 should be hyperlinked to the gills...I like ellipses)*authors note: And now they are! As of 3am on Thu. May 4th...

Things that suck:

1. Grocery shopping. I hate going to the store and buying things I know I can't eat for a week. I'm not a delayed gratification kind of guy. That's why I like surprises. If I know it's coming, I piss and moan until I get it. I'm better off just not knowing about it, at least then I can sleep at night.

2. Frozen veggies. The canned ones taste like ball sweat to me. They're all mushy and gross and I refuse to eat them. The problem, however, is that I cook the frozen ones in the (drumroll please...) Microwave! The GF (thank God for the GF) has figured out that she can cook them in the skillet with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to help out. I tell ya, it's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!

Things that don't:

1. Remember when I said I couldn't eat Pizza Bites? Well, I'm glad. If I know I can't eat them, I don't even want to. I'm actually eating healthier since this week started. I mean, I'm generally a pretty healthy eater, but it's gone into overdrive this week. I usually fired up the 'wave when I got home from work and ate beans or something shitty (it's 3 am, I'm not usually in the mood to "cook"), but now I just have an apple or some crackers or something...

2. I really haven't missed it that much. Not as much as I did the computer or will the TV, anyway. I haven't felt like I've been missing out too terribly much. The Microwave isn't as big a deal as the computer was. It's really not a pivotal part of modern life, but it definitely makes things about 10 times easier than they could be.

Coming soon...Pictures from this week. Check Day 5 Friday!

Ball Sweat In Action:

Thanks, Youtube!

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H-Bomb said...

If only there were some way to rationalize giving up buckets as a modern convenience...but let's be honest, neither one of us ever mop :-p