Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In America, First you get the sugar...

Here we go, back in the saddle again...5 days, no sugar. This is gonna suck it dry...
Sugar, delicious sweet tasty goodness. I love it. It's probably my mostest favoritest thing in the whole wide world...well, that and sweet sweet lovin'...And I'm gonna give it up (the sugar, not the lovin'). It feels good to start this up again. I wish I could be regular like my friends over at thabombshelter, but I'm not, so SUCKS TO YOUR ASS-MAR!

1. No adding sugar of any kind.

2. No artificial sweeteners of any kind.

3. No buying anything (tea, etc...) that is "Sweetened." (That's the part that's gonna suck, for those of you keeping score at home...)

1. We live in a world where EVERYTHING has some form of processed sugar in it. I can't help that. I guess I should say sugar PACKETS, but I don't think any of my readers are rotten whores enough to get that picky...(a small aside. The picture of the sugar packets I got above is from a sugar packet collector website. If you collect sugar packets, start an aspirin collection, get to about 1000 of them, and take them all at once...because you suck.)

2. If it's in the fridge and has sugar in it, I'm gonna drink it.

3. All bets are off at ComFest. If you don't know what ComFest is, you'd better ax summbuddy...

It's time to kick the tires and light the fires again, bitches!

Prepare to have your mind BLOWN...

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